Custom Medical Boxes

Whether you are a long-established medical device manufacturer or a start-up company, iPack. is the right choice for your custom paper boxes. With our ISO 9001:2008 certification, you can be assured that you are getting custom medical boxes that are manufactured to the most rigorous quality standards with strict adherence to operating procedures that will meet or exceed your specifications. We understand that custom paper boxes for medical products and devices need to be sturdy enough to offer the requisite protection while projecting qualities of cleanliness and reliability to complement the medical products they contain. Our more than four decades of experience manufacturing chipboard boxes is a testament to our capabilities.

We can help you design effective custom paper boxes for your medical devices. Our custom paper boxes can highlight your product's features and protect your product at the same time. We have the capabilities to make your vision a reality. If you are environmentally conscious, we have the capability to manufacture eco-friendly recycled green boxes.

Common box styles for custom medical boxes include: RTE, STE, STE with Hang Tab, Seal End, TTSLB, TTAB, Sleeve, Four Corner Tray, Four Corner Tray with Lid, Six Corner Tray, Roll End Tray, Simplex Tray, Display Box, Dispenser Box, Book Style Box, and Counter Top Easel..

Contact us to discuss your requirements for custom medical boxes or Request a Quote for your next custom paper boxes project. Thinking outside the box about boxes... that's iPack.