Artistic Die-Cut All Purpose Labels

iPack has a professional label printing division that makes professional and affordable labels for all your business needs. Our high standard label printing would make great address labels or mailing labels that can give your business mails a sophisticated look. You can create your label designs on our site using our free Easy Design Tool. The roll labels that we offer would make great bottle labels. They can also be used as bar code labels or food packaging labels.

When designing product labels, you need to consider using label templates to make the experience more convenient for you. You should also know how to print labels in a professional way to impress customers. That's why our color label printing service gives you many printing options that you can choose from. Choose among the popular sizes we offer or set a custom size. You can even print in small quantities or get wholesale labels. By printing in bulk, you'll get cheap label printing prices.

Why are iPack's Labels the Market Leading Choice?

There are several major factors that make iPack labels the best in the market, primarely because

  • A Wide Range of Substraits to Choose From;
  • Full Color (Realistic) Printing;
  • Artistic Die Cutting;
  • PVC Laminated for Water/Weather Proofing;
  • Roll Form Spindels for Easy Application;
  • Matrix Removal Options;
  • Fast Turn Around Service;

Roll Label Printing for Easy Branding

Roll label printing is great for packaging and promotion – it is an easy way to create brand image. You can apply roll labels on bottles, food containers, plastic wrapped products, and more. You can order for white or transparent BOPP or Estate #8 for your bottle label printing and order for wholesale labels for a cheaper deal. You can also do color label printing for bumper stickers, warning labels, and identification. Roll label printing is perfect for your packaging needs.


For roll label printing, we print as low as 250 up to 50,000 copies and we offer a variety of sizes from (2.5 x 2.5 cm) up to (20 x 60 cm) depending on your specifications, you may need to call our customer service for options on custom labels. We use roll label printing stocks like White BOPP, Clear BOPP, White Flexible Vinyl and Estate #8 Textured; these labels have permanent acrylic adhesive on the sticky sides and will stick to most corrugated, paper and plastic surfaces. Call us for more information on our label printing services.


There are literally hundreds of applications for our labels, use them for personalization, mailings, products, food stuff, decorations, promotions, and much more.. your imagination is the limit!

If you need design tips to create your custom labels, you can check out our blog for ideas. Call us if you've got more questions about the label printing services we offer.