Large Format Printing

At iPack, we now proudly offer an array of wide format tools capable of printing, cutting and laminating to the highest level of quality and reliability. Whether you need banners for a grand opening, a new retail sign kit or super high-resolution posters, our new advanced technology can print on most anything up to 1625 mm wide and 13mm thick and as long as you need. Plus, this new technology uses white ink, allowing high quality printing onto transparent media (clear plastics), colored media (opaque plastics), and metallic materials (aluminum).

Imagine producing prints with amazing color fidelity and accuracy for the most demanding vehicle wrap or decorative fine art project. And, with the same printer, you can produce stunning outdoor banners, posters, and various photographic tradeshow graphics faster than you thought possible.

But not only do we print bigger, we print it better. Standard print jobs are usually 300 dpi, but we now can print as high as 1500 dpi. Complementing this is our digital cutting cab abilities, the perfect choice to manufacture multi-component displays, mock-ups and personalized promotional material in a very short time. Whether it's rigid substrates, vinyl or kisscut production, this is the best-in-class product for accuracy and reliability.

And if that was not enough, our other digital printer are considered the fastest wide, roll-to-roll printer in its class, designed the way it should be--to exceed all print quality expectations.

And to bring it all together, our best just got better with our recently installed Color Management System manages color on every job from start to finish. Finally, a process so good that your posters, banners and brochures will all color match to your specifications.

All of this is just one more way iPack becomes your Complete Communications Company.


What our customers say!!

Translated from Arabic: "Our tradeshow booth just plain ROCKS! And it's because of this: the banners Commercial produced are a defining element, and the huge die-cut bands put us over the TOP. We've given your name out to any inquirers, AND we have buyers who have bought our product who now want us to provide them with die-cut bands for them to promote us in their stores. There are so many people here who REALLY need to check your guys out for large format needs. We are a small player in this big New York show, but you would never have known it by looking at our booth. You saved us, big time. Thanks!"

—Eng. Hadi, Burgan Footware