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Personalized Ribbons Reflect Elegance

A Touch of Elegance

Add an elegant touch to any package, gift item , product or even your shopping bag with personalized ribbons. Available in a variety of styles, printed ribbon is a great way to add a decorative finish to product display and improve your company/brand name recognition.


Enhance Your Luxury Bags

If you are looking for a way to make your personalised paper bags even more individual, then we can help. iPack sells a range of accessories, for you to choose from. The range includes a variety of ribbon, labels and tissue paper.

Ribbons: We sell a range of printed ribbon, for you to decorate your paper bag or use for another marketing purpose. We can transfer your design onto our luxury double face satin organza ribbon, using screen printing and foil blocking. When designing your ribbon, you can choose from hundreds of different colours and lengths. All of our ribbon is heat sealed cut and the ends, to ensure that they don’t fray.

Printed labels: Our labels are printed in pantone colours, using a four colour process to transfer your design onto your labels. These printed labels are available in any size and shape, depending upon your personal requirements. They can also be supplied in reels or sheets, whichever you prefer. The printed labels available from iPack can be attached to your personalised paper bags, or a variety of other places, in order to promote your branding.

Tissue Paper: We can also print on tissue paper, to be used as wrapping, bag lining or for a number of other purposes. We can use either a 22gsm soft white paper or a 17gsm luxury crisp white paper. We can print in one or two colours, on sheets which are 500x750 in size. A ream consists of 480 sheets of tissue paper.

For more information on paper bag accessories, printed ribbon, printed labels and printed tissue paper, contact iPack. We look forward to hearing from you.

Box Sleeves for Added Impact

A box sleeve is a type of visually appealing cover for packages that can give you the sales edge you need. They are designed to be a quick and convenient way of enhancing the appearance of a boxed product. They can be used in conjunction with a variety of industries, including toy sets and CD carrying cases.


Exceptional Print Quality Labels

Full-color label printing has a wealth of significant benefits. But until now, full and relaistic color labels have been an expensive investment in both time and money. The industry needed a simpler, more cost-effective solution.