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5 Reasons to Invest in Better Packaging for Consumer Products

Go to a grocery store, major supermarket or any other mass market retailer and stand in the aisle. Look around. For the most part, things have a tendency to visually run together. We tend to focus on the particular product category that we’re looking for.

What grabs your eye? Can you tell one brand from another?

Let’s face it, a lot of advertising is lost on consumers, so the packaging may be the only opportunity you have to speak and sell to them.

Here are 5 points as to why to invest in better packaging:

1 With the number of products competing for consumers’ eyeballs and money, it’s difficult to grab and maintain their attention. Packaging might be your first and only opportunity to connect with consumers.

New products continue to grow and with increasing competition, this creates additional challenges. How do you plan to stand out?

2 Grab the consumer’s attention in 2 or 3 seconds.

In the aisle and on the shelves, when consumers come across the package; it’s your opportunity to make a first impression or to get them to say, “Hey, I know you” or “Okay, let’s talk.” Stand out from your competitors’ products.

3 Create an emotional connection with the consumer.

“Emotion activates the brain 3,000 times faster than regular thought. As a result, shoppers are willing to pay up to 200% more when their decision is based on emotion rather than reason.” A great quote by Lucas Conley from his book Obsessive Branding Disorder.

The package’s visual cues should prompt them to pick up the product and purchase it.

4 Don’t be like everyone else. You don’t have to play follow the leader.

Just because everyone uses blue, doesn’t mean you have to. Do you want to be like them or do you want to sell? Look for niche markets and appeal to them. You want consumers to like you, to develop an affinity for your product and to spread the good word.

5 Packaging can and should become iconic and firmly rooted in consumers’ minds.

A brand that demands a unique positioning in the consumer’s mind, should be uniquely packaged. Whether it’s a new brand being launched or a heritage brand, shouldn’t it demand mindshare? Act accordingly. Develop trust.

Also, the same principles apply to packaging beyond the shelves (B2B, online, etc.). Your marketing has a coherent consistency to it. Your packaging should apply this same discipline and be effective.

If your product gets lost in the blur, you’ve got some very big challenges on your hands. Play it smart.

  Remember, while you might save a few diniars on your printing and packaging, your will ultimately lose thousands on consumer reception.